Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to ADdicted

Hey Hey, I went to the AICP Chicago last week and it was great.  Low key, good people and beautiful women.  It was at the Museum and was crowded but not stupid crowded like NY.  You were able to have a conversation if you dare.  I always liked going there and I remembered why.  Nice People.  Yeah the business is hard but not tonight.  People talked business but they also talked baseball, football, politics and sex [mostly me].  Don't you hate when somebody tells you how busy he or she is?  Or how much money they have booked?  WOOPEE FUCKIN WOOPEE.  I can't afford hair gel and they are happy happy happy.  Insensitive schmuck.  I hope he flips his Porsche.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lessons Learned

A good friend of mine made the mistake of putting his funny, clever, stupid thoughts in an email. He then continued to not think and sent it out to twenty-five of his closest friends.

His first mistake: No one in Advertising or politics has twenty-five close friends. Second, the gossip mill began.

Unfortunately he paid the ultimate consequence…no he didn’t die…his job.

May it be a lesson to all of us, pick up the phone and tell people what you really think of them. Comedy and voice inflections do not come through an email. They come through the phone or in person. I know this stupid computer is a great tool but luckily mine’s broken. Be advised things look worse in writing than they sound…like this stupid blog I’m writing now. There’s no way we can help our friend except remind him this isn’t the end of the world and a lesson learned is a valuable lesson. Kill the Rep!

We all need a laugh…hopefully this helps.